Buy Cannabis Shares and Invest in Marijuana Industry

The cannabis industry in Australia and internationally has escalated exponentially. Investment in cannabis markets worldwide are attracting significant attention. Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA) is seeking to lead the way in research production cultivation and development. 

On September 2016, Australia amended the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 allowing the cultivation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. The amendments were intended to facilitate the production of cannabis products for medicinal and scientific related purposes, in accordance with the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, for specified patients under clinical care and for clinical trials. 

In response to the change of legislation, the University of Sydney Business School released a white paper report exploring the potential of the medicinal cannabis industry in Australia. The report, a collaboration between the University and the Australian Government found that initial demand for the product will be 8,000 kg, worth more than $100 million per year. The report has drawn on data from existing markets such as Israel, Canada and the Netherlands to come up with the estimates.

Standardization & Quality control

A clearly defined composition is an essential requirement for medicines, because it prevents unexpected surprises regarding its effects, potency or purity. For an herbal medicine like cannabis this starts with tightly controlling and monitoring the conditions under which the plants are grown.

Cannabis plants exist in many different shapes and forms, also known as strains or varieties. Besides obvious differences in plant shape and appearance, cannabis varieties differ by their specific content of cannabinoids and terpenes. The exact combination of these active components present in a cannabis product defines its ultimate medicinal effect. This means that relatively small changes in cannabis composition can have significant effects on the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Quality control by means of chemical characterization is the key for ensuring a reliable composition. We make product information such as THC/CBD content, terpene profile and moisture content openly available for all cannabis products. Independent laboratory analysis shows each product to be free of contaminations such as pesticides, heavy metals or microbes. Complying with industrial standards for hygiene and safety (HACCP), pharmaceutical requirements (GMP), management system (ISO) and Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) is an integral part of all steps of the production chain.

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