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Buy Cannabis Shares focuses on emerging companies that are appearing on the marketplace offering points of differentiation. The market is flooded with new entries and in a completely competitive and dynamic market. Points of differentiation are fundamental along with management teams and a robust idea. It is these companies that we work with promote and assist in the growth these companies are the ones that  offer the greatest quickest opportunities for commercialization growth and monetization.

Our range of companies are selected and we work with a handful however, they are market leaders and global dominators. We have companies in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and emerging markets in Jamaica, Israel, and more.

The opportunity to invest at ground level or start-up is a perfect opportunity to increase your wealth rapidly. We work with a number of companies that take direct investment with wholesale and retail investors. Still subscribe to our list and we will send you details of our preferred and recommended operators.

You may well be aware that this market is destined to grow many experts are claiming that they could rise to become a $500 billion industry. Currently the business is valued at approximately US$10 billion so the market is still in its infancy. Investment now could be like making investments in companies like Apple or even to some degree like the Internet when it first came through. Beyond that they are once in a generation opportunities because of the scope and magnitude of the market that will develop as a result of discovery of the Endocannabinoid System.

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