Cannabis Market Growth

In the past, business media has focused regularly on the powerful growth of the global cannabis industry. Starting with medicinal cannabis, and, in years that are more recent with recreational cannabis.

We have seen the business market growing rapidly around the global cannabis industry. Sectors from cultivation to production, extraction and accessories have boomed in countries like United States and Canada.

The international recreational cannabis market opened firstly, in Uruguay and then secondly with more impact in Canada in 2018.

In these two markets, this is a nationwide federally approved policy. It comes after recreational cannabis markets approved at state and local levels in United States, which dates back more than a decade. California has had recreational cannabis since the early 2000.

The change in legislation and attitudes towards marijuana or cannabis comes because of the understanding of its medical properties. Furthermore, significant number of people around the world consume cannabis for recreational purposes.

What was once a prohibited and illegal drug is now a commodity that is being traded, sold, and cultivated in numerous countries around the world. New markets are appearing constantly in countries like Australia Germany, Israel, United Kingdom and many others have made legal medicinal cannabis in one form or another.

Businesses are springing up around the world in all facets of the supply chain. Many of these businesses have grown very rapidly and are now traded on the US Canadian Australian stock exchange is in many others.

In among this entire scenario comes the investment spectrum. Retail investors or people seeking to invest small quantities of money right through to wholesale investment, which is known also as sophisticated investors and commercial investment bodies are turning their attention to the cannabis industry

So, the question is often posed, how does one invest in this marketplace and know how to discern companies that have long-term opportunities against those that are promoting smoke and mirrors?

There are many ways to invest in the cannabis industry; obviously buying shares on the stock exchange is an option. Alternatively supporting many of the opportunities the crowd share funding companies are offering in the cannabis space. There are a great number of new and emerging companies, which have excellent business. These companies are seeking to grow and expand to meet international demand.

These companies offer shares in privately held companies. Our principal opportunity of focus for investing is with private health companies who are expanding rapidly and with an international focus.

Often costs for investing in companies can be high and we look towards creating opportunities for the spectrum of investment that we offer which gives the greatest value to the investor. The companies, which we invest in and promote to our business partners, range from businesses that have short-term through to medium and long-term visions. The cannabis industry is in its infancy and will continue to grow for decades.