Cannabis Investing

The “Green Rush” is in full swing, and you want to get in the swing of it? It’s a great idea, but if you’re like many people, you’re wondering where to start. In an industry this new, it can be difficult to navigate the uncharted territory.

Let’s take a look at three key aspects of the industry that provide outstanding opportunities for first time cannabis investors.

Investment Groups

If you have the capital to invest, but aren’t sure where to dive into the complex cannabis industry, your best bet might be to get involved with a cannabis investment group that holds a broad suite of businesses. This diversifies your investment, which not only protects you from the ebbs and flows of the market, but allows you to participate in several cannabis niches at once.

Ancillary Businesses

As the old saying goes, the best way to make money in a gold rush is by selling shovels. For investors who are concerned about some of the legal issues facing the cannabis industry, this can be especially true.

Ancillary businesses are those that are essential to the cannabis industry, but that don’t actually “touch the plant”. These can be anything from producers of LED lights to vaporizers, real estate management to legal or marketing support.

International Markets

Don’t think that you have to limit your sights to the United States or Canada. Countries around the globe are legalizing medicinal and recreational cannabis, offering far-reaching opportunities to cannabis businesses and investors alike.

Israel, Spain, Australia, and Germany are all expanding the frontiers of the cannabis industry, and more countries are poised for legalization in the coming years.

Not only do these countries offer ample investment opportunity – investing in a range of markets can ensure that you’re protected should legal issues arise in any specific country. Say legal challenges pop up in the United States? Investors whose portfolios span Canada, Germany, and so forth will be better positioned to maintain stability and ride out the bumps.

The bottom line is that in an industry this new, there are plenty of opportunities for investors to get in on the ground floor. And early adopters who recognize the potential of the cannabis industry and get in now will reap the benefits for a lifetime.

Cannabis Investment Meeting

Consider the people who were among the first to invest in the early days of Starbucks or Google. At the time, those undeveloped markets seemed like risky propositions. But we all know how they turned out.

That’s where things are headed with cannabis. Think of it this way – in twenty years, wouldn’t you like to boast that you were smart enough to invest in the Google of cannabis before it blew up?